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I'm Mona Mayhue and I help people create mental health stability with alternative holistic health practices, customized herbal medicine, and energetic bodywork.

Coronavirus Update:

In order to keep myself and others safe during this time, in-person sessions will not be available until further notice. I will be sending out updates in weekly newsletter so please make sure you are signed up on the mailing list. 


In the meantime I am offering distance reiki & guided meditation session, wellness consultations are also still available via video call, the shop is still open, and custom formulas are still available.


Additionally, I will be offering distance classes & free meditation circles to support our community. Please email me for any questions.

Be well, be safe, and support each other. - Mona


"This isn't someone who read some articles and decided to throw together a couple mediocre tea blends. A life long plant lover, and devoted student, this celestial being knows how to plants! They are the goodness of herbs coupled with respect for cultures that aren't their own, and sensitivity to the physical and mental divergencies of people. The true embodiment of the word "holistic".

- Gabrielle


"I ordered two jars of bath salts from Mona and absolutely loved them. She also included two free, “Moon Pool Bath Salts” she called them, which included some seaweed which made me feel like a mermaid. Her products are all organic and with a beautiful blend of flower, herbs, berries, and/or essential oil(s). I also love the packaging. Highly recommend gifting yourself or a loved one some Darlingtonia products!"

-Tomi Devine


"Mona has helped me to get control over my life-long anxiety and panic attacks that I thought would plague me forever! I have been to so many doctors and have tried so many medications, but Mona found what my body needed. I feel amazing, like I have some control and I know how to heal myself now.

- Kensi 



"Mona - the magical healer of Darlingtonia - has been my herbalist since September 2019. Her open-hearted sessions and plant medicine tinctures have been essential to my trauma recovery process, and my ongoing wellness of body, heart and spirit. The unique mix of skills Mona has, combined with her natural essence of compassion and connection is a special gift to all that know and work with her. She’s been wonderful to work with as part of my overall care system, adjusting my tinctures as my western meds have adjusted and checking in with me often. 


Mona taught me the magic of tea and has shared so much about plant medicine - she has influenced and inspired my daily wellness routines... I’ve recommended her services to many of my friends and my family. Mona gives so much to me as her client - and I know she does the same for all in her care. Mona is the real deal witch... "

- Elliotte 

"Mona is a beautiful, healing, old soul and a light this world needs!

Mona LISTENED to me and created a tincture to help me with my long term PTSD symptoms, fight or flight response and depression. I cannot even express adequately how much her tincture has helped me! The tincture has lessened my “startle response”, it has given me energy, helps me be able to cope with work/life stresses much better and has evened out my moods considerably. It allows me the chance to use my tools when I am triggered and has helped my depression. Addressing these symptoms also helps me heal other chronic health issues and if needed I can combine it with another of Mona’s tinctures for occasional muscle and nerve pain, creating a full body, holistic, healing approach. I KNOW and can FEEL for the first time, in a long time, I am better, able to function and most importantly with Mona’s help, I am healing long standing wounds.

- Anonymous 


"Mona was a pleasure to work with... she was very gentle and perceptive and made me feel at ease during our session. Her comments afterwards were insightful and allowed me to feel seen and supported. Anybody needing an emotional/energetic/physical health healing session would be quite pleased with her indeed!" - Orion 


"I have been working with Mona for about a year, receiving monthly consultations. She has been an amazing ally for my healthcare, I feel like I actually have a grasp on my chronic illness for the first time in my life. Talking with her I felt seen and heard, she is patient and so understanding. I cannot recommend her enough." - Jessica 


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